Sunday, July 31, 2011


G.O.O.D. stands for "Get Out Of Dodge". For anyone reading that doesn't know, this phrase means to get out quickly. Usually it's for a major disaster, like a hurricane or fire. It's also called "Bug Out".

Many people are preparing G.O.O.D. bags (also called "Bug Out" bags or "72 Hour Bags") because there are no safe places on the surface of this planet. Everyone is in danger of a storm, a fire, a flood, an earthquake, or a volcanic eruption. In many cases, there is danger from more than one of these. It's easier to leave the danger zone if you're already ready to go. You could even escape city limits before the unprepared clog the roads and block everyone from leaving.

G.O.O.D. bags are even useful in minor emergencies, like loosing electricity. In future posts, I will discuss what I stock as I build my own.