Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Survivalist's Phone

A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook to the Motofone F3. While this phone is old technology (about 5 years old), I think it might be beneficial to have as part of your G.O.O.D. bag.

According to the specifications, it's a simple phone. It makes calls, receives them, sends text messages, beeps, vibrates, has an internal phone book, and an alarm clock. It also has dual antennae for radio broadcasts.

Motorola also designed the handset to be light (68g), thin (9mm) and strong. It's reportedly resistant to shock, dust and moisture, with a sealed keypad and speaker (which is extremely loud).

I like this phone because it has an e-paper display as opposed to the LCD display other phones use. In other words, this phone can be read in direct sunlight as well as in dim-lit back alleys. It claims to be able to last on one battery charge for two weeks if left on standby, and several months turned off. I know for a fact that my Kindle (which also has an e-paper display) will last up to a month between charges if I leave the WiFi turned off, which leads me to trust that the battery life is accurate. The downside of e-paper displays is that there is no back-light. You need an external light to be able to read it in the dark.

I will do some research, and see if I can find a better survivalist phone that's available in the United States. But, for now, this is the phone I'm looking forward to purchasing.

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